What We Do


We have a mission of strengthening the economic base of women, youth indolence girls by removing any economic or social constraints through;

  • sensitization programmes
  • planning and execution of literacy programmes
  • vocational trainings
  • Skills and capacity development for women and youth engaged in economic activities and hand craft.

We also provide support to orphans for their education whenever funds are available as well as provide home based care for the vulnerable and physically challenged women.

  1. The organization has intervened by implementing so many programs like skills development programmes, sensitizing women and youth on the need to rise to their economic responsibility at different levels, develop the skills of women engaged in economic activities for more output. Also, the organisation give grants /assistance to  physically challenged women to enhance their economic development capacity.
  2. Giant strides through programmes with TYDF: WEEI got a grant under TYDF 2013/2014 grants under Income Generation and particularly training twenty youth in Wukari LGA in different hand crafts.
  1. Our sensitization programs have been making women and youth conscious of the needs to be productive and thus reducing over dependency on the government.
  2. And as a value change of activities the vocational training provided have made the former idle women and youth to be actively involved in economic activities. the various training on crafts like bead making, Ankara bags making, detergent production and similarly other have been putting enough food on the tables of youth who were idle before the training programs.
  3. Trainings on marketing/financial skills have given the women and youth a wave of direction on marketing their products and how to access bank loans and credits with ease.

Trainees  from our training programs especially that of TYDF/WEEI skills acquisition programes are now computing favourably in their chosen craft and businesses. Our products; bead products and Ankara bags, Moringa product have been accepted globally. Our staffs have grown to status of training women in a worldwide program.

The most strategic of all is our strategic partnership with the federal government on unemployment reduction through its Sure P Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS) presently eight graduates have been engaged in our office and the resultant impact is rewarding.

Finance and training equipment has been our major debilitating constraints. This is because a lot of grounds are yet to be covered because of financial limitations. Hiring of equipment and payment of resources personnel for programmes is hinged on finance. Our facilities are limited compared to the numbers of women/youth who wants to be trained in order to make a maximum impact in the society.